Studio Physiques defined: Studio…the workroom or atelier of an artist, as a ….sculptor; a room or place for instruction or experimentation….

            Physique…physical or bodily structure, appearance, or development…                           

I’ll have to admit, the first time I have looked up the definition that defines the work I have been engaged in for the last  30+ years.  “Studio Physiques.”  I like it!!!! 

Now, before I fill you in on the details of what to expect at Studio Physiques let me introduce myself…I am, “James Urianza.”   Born and raised in Southern California or more specifically the “OC.” I left my favorite Point Break (surfing) at Huntington Beach, for the whitewater rapids of the Grand Canyon and to attend university in Utah where I would graduate with a mix ed degree in Exercise Science, Nutrition, Sport & Coaching.

Upon graduation and receiving my diploma, I was already a ten year veteran as a personal physique/fitness trainer. As a trainer, I enjoyed working with several of Utah counties high profile entrepreneurs. Training and teaching seminars in nutrition and exercise to actors, models, and, entertainers of several local talent agencies. My specialty for several years was physique training…which included Utah’s Men’s and Women’s bodybuilding, women’s Physique…Figure…&…Bikini,  beauty pageant contestants (Miss/Mrs. Utah.), and for several years chaired the judging panels of the National Physiques Committee (NPC).

Because of the many injuries suffered playing team and individual sports…high school football…college fencing & lacrosse team (3 years)…martial arts and full-contact fighting (15 Yrs)…Gymnastics (5 years)… dance (15 years) ballroom & Ballet…bodybuilding (20 years) & powerlifting (5 years.), I learned how to care for my body. I began looking at each training program more holistically…how each tool or implement could move, strengthen, or heal my physical body. My injuries literally helped me understand what it meant to care for the body that was in front of me today…right now…this moment. You can only change the state of a body when you are able to define and accept its present state and provide matched programing.

Another big…BIG eye opener that I've leaned in my thirty plus years as a trainer, was that pain does not have a direct correlation to results. I am not about engaging you in extreme programing above what it will cost to realize a result! In our day and age where extreme sports and events are what is being touted as healthy and necessary to have a great looking physiques is selling you a bill of goods that leads to burnout, injury, and aging the human body before its time.

In Studio Physique’s patented three prong programing, I like to first address movement and the status of your physique. In other words define where your body is at present. Once the status of your body is defined, this allows me to tweak your strength section to target your weaknesses. To further customize your workout session, I will continue to target weaknesses and cultivate future strength and balance in the recovery section.

Using this three prong approach, I hope to help you realize your results by creating a path with the least amount of effort, risk, and, time for the maximum amount of results.  As a trainer of 30+ years experience, I have found this approach to be the healthiest and safest when considering the client in their environment and lifestyles.   You cannot expect to train a client separate of their daily task, stresses, and, energies and get stable long-lasting results. To properly train and access the status of your client, you must always consider them as a part of a culture, environment, and lifestyle.

I am very excited that you have chosen me and Studio Physiques to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals. I say “me” and “Studio Physiques” because Studio Physiques is a very large toolbox where I keep my carefully selected collection of trainer tools. These tools are sharp, well tested, variable, and, offer the most possibilities of success. “Sharp” because they have been given to me by the very best in the fitness industry.  “Well tested” because most of these tools have been around for half to a full century. “Variable” because of the tools versatility and adaptability to be used in several movement scenarios in loading movement patterns.    “Highest possibility of success” with such a large tool box of sharp, well-tested, and, varied tools the possibilities are endless.